Easy Halloween Craft: Frankenstein K-Cups

Easy Halloween Craft: Frankenstein K-Cups

These Frankenstein treat cups are frighteningly cute aren’t they? If you are looking for a fun way to take treats to your child’s class or to fill and set out at your Halloween party these awesome upcycled K cups are just the thing.

If you are a coffee drinker and have a Keurig on hand you end up with a lot of these leftover, instead of tossing them, repurpose them! Even if you don’t have acess to k cups yourself- a quick shout out to friends and family to save theirs for you can easily have you a couple dozen in a week or so. I drink them myself but wanted extras so I wound up with dozens in just days by asking around.

There are several ways to use these Frankenstein cups besides snacks. You could also use these to decorate around the home- String them up and hang them from the trees in your yard, or pick up several battery operated tealights at Dollar Tree and drop them in the cups to light your front window.


Easy Halloween Craft: Frankenstein K-Cups

used k cups
sharpie marker
green spray paint
black pony beads
colored googley eyes
hot glue gun/sticks


Take tops off off k-cups, remove grounds-add to your compost or make a body scrub from them.

Wash cups and set upside down to dry.

Once dry take your cups outside, spread them out on paper and spray them lightly with a coat of spray paint, allow to dry for 5 minutes, apply and additional 1-2 coats until well covered. Dry for at least 4 hours before moving onto next step.

Easy Halloween Craft: Frankenstein K-Cups

Use a black sharpie marker to draw on details like frank’s hair, and stitched on mouth. Set aside to dry for a few minutes so you don’t smear the marker.

Glue on “bolts” to the sides of his neck- black pony beads work perfectly for bolts.

Glue on google eyes, you can use the plain black and white ones, but we had neon colored ones on hand and i thought they made it even more fun.

Frank is ready to be filled with all kinds of goodies! Use popcorn, pretzel sticks, candy corn, jelly beans, or fresh fruit like grapes to fill him up. 

Easy Halloween Craft: Frankenstein K-Cups

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