Tammin Sursok Talks Baby Advice

Tammin Sursok opened up about motherhood in a blind playdate with fellow mother and teacher, Courtney. The 30 year old star of Pretty Little Liars gave birth to her first baby Phoenix last October and admitted to the challenges that she and husband Sean McEwan encountered calling the process a “learning curve.”

Tammin discussed the mixed blessing of internet advice. She explained:

I think Google is such a blessing, but also such a horrible thing. You always find things that are wrong or that you’ve done wrong. My parents never really had that so they kind of just figured it out

She goes on to talk about giving honest advice to other women, as well as early motherhood pressure and guilt:

I always give advice to pregnant people because I always wish people had told me that the first couple of months are always hard. And I feel like it’s my duty to let them know that because I feel you put so much pressure on yourself  and you feel so guilty in the beginning. 

The duo discuss maternal instinct kicking in and doing the best you can without feeling further pressure from family, friends or the internet. 

She sums it up by saying:

You keep a child alive everyday, you’re doing a pretty good job. 

Sounds like you’re doing a good job to us, Tammin. 

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