Five No-Fail Baby Shower Gift Essentials

Five No-Fail Baby Shower Gift Essentials

When shopping for baby shower gifts, it can be tempting to buy every cute and fun thing in sight. After all, there are so many adorable baby gift ideas to choose from! Baby bathrobes, belly die cast kits, sparkly shoes… the list goes on and on. Sometimes, though, you want to choose a gift that is practical, that the mom is sure to use and love, not just set on the shelf and admire. Here are five no-fail baby shower gift essentials that any mom would use and love.

1. Diapers and Wipes

Newborns can easily go through as many as 10-14 diapers a day, so diapers and wipes are one thing that no mom can get enough of. Try to find out in advance what type of diapers the mother prefers, if any. Some moms swear by Pampers or Huggies, some moms love cloth diapers, and still others don’t care much either way. Buy a pack of larger diapers, and the new mom will thank you when it is suddenly time for baby to move up a size.

2. Children’s Books

Everyone loves buying new clothes and toys for the baby, but few people think to buy children’s books. Buy a few colorful touch-and-feel board books, pop-up books, books that make noise or children’s classics. Mom and baby will make so many precious memories snuggled up on the rocking chair reading together before bed. Plus, books are a great way for babies to entertain themselves so mom can cook or clean.

3. Meals

With plenty of sleepless nights and diaper changes, the first few weeks at home with a newborn can be a blur. Make life easier on the new mom by providing her with meals. Either send her home with a few frozen casseroles before the baby arrives, or–better yet–organize a nightly meal drop off among all of your friends and family. When dinner shows up already made every evening, she will be eternally grateful.

4. Baby Carrier

While some babies are content to play by themselves on the floor, many aren’t happy unless they are held constantly. Give the new mom’s arms a break by buying her a top-rated infant carrier. Whether she is cleaning up the house, running errands or spending time with her family at the park, an infant carrier is one item the new mom will get a LOT of use out of.

5. Gift Cards

When it comes to practicality, gift cards are about as useful as it gets! The new mom can use a store gift card to get the remaining items on her registry or to splurge for a fun baby item she simply has to have. Restaurant gift cards and spa gift cards are awesome baby shower gift ideas as well.

If you want to throw a fun baby shower gift into the gift bag as well, the mom will probably like and appreciate it. But if you want to choose a no-fail baby shower gift that the mom is sure to love and use again and again, these five no-fail baby shower gift essentials are a must!