Fall Craft: Sweet Apple Party Favor

Fall Craft: Sweet Apple Party Favor

The fall season is the perfect time to enjoy all things apple related! This sweet apple favor is perfect for crafting with kids or to give as gifts at your fall themed parties. Using just a few supplies, you can create your own in just minutes. Take a look below at how to get started!

Supplies needed:
Plastic clear ornament
Red candy (we used Hot Tamales, you can use whichever red candy you prefer!)
Twine or ribbon
Green craft paper


We found the plastic ornaments we used here at our local craft store for just $1. Look for one with a wide mouth so inserting candy will be easy.

1. Begin by removing the ornament top. Set it aside.
2. Fill the inside of the ornament with your red candies until it is nice and full. Replace the lid. Make sure it is snuggly in place.
3. Take your scissors and snip out a few leaves from your green craft paper. Just a few simple ovals do the trick. We snipped two leaves, although you could do as many or as little as you wish.
4. Tie your twine or ribbon and wrap it around the ornament lid. You can then use this twine for hanging or just décor as we did.
5. Add a few dabs of glue to the back of your paper leaves and secure them to the lid or the twine. Press firmly until they are secure.


Your sweet apple favor is now ready to be gifted. These would look great collected in a bowl and used for your party centerpiece. They also make great favors for wedding, classroom parties, and so much more.

Gather your supplies and give these sweet apple favors a try. They are a great way to celebrate the fall season!

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