Doc McStuffins Rakes In Over $500 Million In Sales: Set To Be Best Selling Toy-Line For Disney


Disney has struck serious gold with their Doc McStuffins toy-line which is based on an African-American character that fixes broken toys in her backyard playhouse clinic. The toy itself is absolutely adorable and it has already made the house of mouse for than $500 million in revenue. Why is Doc McStuffin so popular?  There are several reasons starting with the fact that it’s a multicultural doll that caters to a growing demographic. She is also loved by parents because Doc teaches kids about kindness and taking care of others which makes her instantly a great role model for small children.

“Right now there are more multicultural children being born under the age of 5,” said Lisa Williams, chief executive of World of EPI, the company behind Positively Perfect Dolls, a line of multicultural dolls sold at Walmart stores nationwide. “They are no longer the minority; they are actually the majority of children. The demand is there.”

Children’s characters often have super human abilities or exist in cool but unrealistic conditions that kids will never be able to relate to. While kids may not have a clinic in their yard they can take away valuable lessons from Doc and are able to imitate her lessons in their everyday lives. There is nothing better than watching your little one learn valuable lessons that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Are you a fan of using characters like Doc McStuffin as a fun way of learning or do you prefer to do the teaching yourself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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