BFF’s Jessica Simpson and CeCe Cobb’s Boys Are Also Best Friends (Photo)


I think when you are a mom one of the coolest things in the world is having kids close in age to some of your best friends’ children. Jessica Simpson and CeCe Cobb go way back- like before Jess even knew who Nick Lachey was – and even when work takes them in opposite directions they remain tight. They both gave birth to baby boys a few months apart last year and that means that now those little tots are being raised together.Jessica likes to document her kids lives on Instagram and this morning she posted a new photo of her boy Ace, 11 months, playing with CeCe’s son Rocco, 11 months. The two adorable boys appear to be playing in a living room and it looks like they are definitely both cruising furniture now because they are leaning against an ottoman while playing with a fringe blanket. One thing is for sure, both the blonde haired-blue-eyed Ace and super smiley Rocco are having a great time together.

Jess sure has taken to motherhood well and it seems to have really helped to center her life. That doesn’t mean that she and brand new hubby, Eric Johnson are having any more babies though. Shortly after returning from her honeymoon Jess was asked about the possibility of adding to the family and she made it perfectly clear that they are done. Who could blame Jess for feeling that way. Back-to-back babies takes a toll on your body and she is now knee-deep in parenting toddlers which is like a full time job in itself!  Do you love seeing Jess and her kids’ photos posted regularly? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo credit: Jessica Simpson Instagram