Water Park Family Fun: Tips for Preparation and Safe Enjoyment

Water Park Family Fun: Tips for Preparation and Safe Enjoyment

On a hot summer day, water parks across the country are loaded with families looking to cool off. Kids and adults alike get to cool off and get an adrenaline rush at the same time. They can also just relax and float around a lazy river. Sometimes the most productive thing that happens on these days is a really good tan. Despite all the wonderful things about water parks, the day can go sour if you are not prepared. Here are some things to consider before taking off to the water park this summer:

Learn the Rules  – Some waterparks have specific guidelines about what you can and can’t wear in the park. In some cases the issue is safety. In other cases, the park managers are just trying to keep the atmosphere family friendly. Visit the waterpark website and/or give them a call to learn what is appropriate and what isn’t. Some of the details below might be things you want to ask about.

  • Are street clothes allowed? You may like to wear a t-shirt over your bathing suit, but that may not be allowed. This is an important detail because if wearing a t-shirt can prevent you from getting on a ride, you may not even want to go.
  • Are thongs allowed? You may not even be thinking about wearing a thong. Now the question is, do you want your children going to a water park where they may be exposed to someone else wearing a thong in public? Enquiring minds want to know. (All kidding aside you might be shocked to learn what is allowed at some parks)
  • Can you bring food? If you can’t bring food, you may want to eat first and bring some cash for later.

Pack the Night Before –  If you have everything ready to go to the waterpark the night before, you can avoid a lot of hassle. You might even find as you pack in the evening that someone needs a new swimsuit or other supplies. Either way, if you have everything ready the night before, all you have to do is get up, get dressed, eat, and leave. You may even want everyone to make a list of what they are bringing so you can check it before you leave. Be sure to pack sunblock as needed.

Have a Plan –  Are you going to enter the waterpark and let everyone go their own way? The teens might be okay on their own, but the younger children need some supervision. The night before you go, sit down and discuss what everyone’s plans are. You should have a brochure or be looking at the waterpark website so you know what’s available.

Plan to walk in the park and put your belongings away. Make sure everyone knows where to meet and what time to do it. You may even have to make sure that everyone has a waterproof watch so there is no excuse for being late. Meet periodically throughout the day so you know everyone is alright.

Before You Leave –  Before you leave make sure you have a list of all the belongings. These should include medications that are needed throughout the day as well as cash for a locker. You may also want to bring a change of clothes for when you are done. Don’t forget the towels!