Independence Day Treat: Patriotic Peeps S’mores

Patriotic Peeps Smores

Not only can s’more be a beloved campfire treat, but a perfect festive snack for Independence Day (4th of July).  Make these Patriotic Peep S’mores at home or by the bonfire if your family plans to spend the long weekend camping! I love how super quick and easy it to make them!


1 8ct. Package of Vanilla Creme Peeps
4 Hershey’s chocolate bars, broken in half
8 graham crackers, broken in half


(Microwave Version)

#1. I like making these one at a time – place 1 graham cracker ½ on a small plate, ½ a Hershey bar and place the Vanilla Creme Peep right on top. 

#2. Place in the Microwave for about 15 seconds. Keep an eye on it as the Peep will blow up like a balloon and may even fall over but 15 seconds always seems to be the perfect about of time to melt the chocolate and puff the marshmallow. 

Serve immediately. 


*Makes 8 servings. 1 Peep S’more = 1 serving.


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