Fun Toddler Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

Fun Toddler Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

Every week, my 2-year-old daughter, Ava and I sit down to make something together. I love simple, but fun crafts that she can take part in. These Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies are just perfect for age. Young children will love gluing the ears on and sticking the googly eyes and pompoms on paper roll. 

What you Need

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
Pom Poms
Googly Eyes
Construction Paper


Cut ears out of white and pink pieces of construction paper.

Glue together and then to the top of the toilet paper roll.

Add googly eyes and a pom pom on the front for a nose and one on the back for a tail.  

Have fun!

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