Honey Boo Boo’s Sister Jessica Licked A Giraffe’s Tongue, Ew!

Honey Boo Boo's Sister Jessica Licked A Giraffe’s Tongue, Ew!

There is no one like Alana Thompson AKA Honey Boo Boo or her family, the Thompsons. They’re a loving family that takes being called rednecks as a compliment and that’s why it could only have been one of them to lick a giraffe’s tongue.  That’s right tongue a giraffe and yes the implied ick factor from open mouth kiss was there. The whole incident went about when self-proclaimed wild child of the bunch, Pumpkin dared one of her older sisters to do it first.  The family was driving through a drive through safaris park and pumpkin challenged Jessica.

“I bet Jessica she wouldn’t tongue that giraffe, and she bet me back so we both had to do it,” Pumpkin said.

The whole family took it in good fun except for Mama June who couldn’t stop herself from dry heaving. It got particularly disgusting when the giraffe started to drool even as the girls continued kissing him.  But hey, I bet that wasn’t any old normal day for the giraffe. He even appeared to enjoy it.

Alana was able to laugh at the ridiculousness of her sisters however she was worried about the poor giraffe. “I hope the giraffe didn’t get sick from kissing my sisters, yuck.”  So do we Alana, so do we!

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