Hilary Duff & Luca Enjoy a Mother-Son Day at the Park

Hilary Duff Takes Luca To The Park

Hilary Duff was photographed spending some quality time with her son Luca at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills, CA on Friday (Jan. 3).

The Flock of Dudes actress was dressed casually in a white tank,  plaid button-up shirt and sweat pants.  She sat on a blanket while feeding Luca snacks as they laughed and giggled. 

Duff recently spoke of how she took time off from her successful career to avoid becoming a troubled child star.

I’m lucky that I have managed to stay out of a lot of the drama that comes with being young and famous. There’s really no right or wrong. I think I was lucky that when a lot of my peers were reaching the heights of their careers, I decide to take a step back. I had been touring for four years, I was 19 and I just said, “Enough.”,” the former Disney star told.  “There is so much pressure. I was employing so many people with my tours and paparazzi culture was getting out of control and I just didn’t have any freedom to have a life. I stayed away for 3.5 years – I met my husband, I got married. Taking the time to learn who I am and who I want to be really helped. Now I’m ready to jump back in.”

Her next single is due out this spring.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet