4 Baby Naming Sites To The Rescue


The Internet saves the day again – this time, with clever baby-naming assistance. These sites are not just helpful – they’re fun too.

Nameberry is an easy-to-navigate site that categorises names based on popularity and gender. It offers a Names Searched Right Now option, a Celebrity Names feature and a list of the most noteworthy names of the past year.

Baby Name Genie is a fun site. The clever name generator will make suggestions based on a first, last or middle names you already have. The site also allows you to create a poll to share with family and friends.The  Test Drive feature generates everyday situations to test out the name. Finally, you can write to the Genie for personal advice and see responses from around the world in Genie’s Mailbag.


Nymbler is your personal baby naming assistant. Click on the names you like, or type in your choices. Then click on “Find Names” to let Nymbler start working its magic. The intuitive site also has a blocked names section. This smart baby name guide responds to your personal taste and brainstorm names tailored to your personal style.


Baby Name Wizard offers more than just lists. The site has some great features including an option to map a name and see where in the world it is the most popular, a Name of The Day section and a Name Matchmaker, that suggests names based on those you already like. A Namipedia offers baby name meanings and origins and its search tools allow you to search for names based on every preference – from first letter, to length, to letter sequence.


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