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For an expectant mom, picking out a stroller for her future bundle of joy can be more time consuming than choosing a new car. I’m not joking, I spent hours researching the ‘perfect’ stroller while pregnant with my daughter, Ava. This is the first big thing most pregnant moms-to-be pick out, so they naturally want it to be perfect for the child they already love so much.

Every detail is important and even when you find the perfect stroller you still can second guess yourself. Not all strollers are alike! Strollers brands offer a wide range of strollers, with different features and at very different prices depending on the quality.

Stokke has unique, functional, and good quality products which is why I was excited when given the chance to review the Stokke Scoot. The Scoot is a compact stroller for the urban mom, one who is always on the go and needs a stroller to fit her busy lifestyle. It’s an ideal solution for travel, navigating busy streets, narrow doorways and public transit.

On first appearance, I was impressed with the quality of the fabric – from the zippers, coloring and material, everything was of superior quality. Assembly of the Scoot was super easy and made assembly of my previous stroller seem like an advanced jigsaw puzzle by comparison. I was also surprised to find an insect and rain cover included. Many stroller brands make you purchase these two accessories separately.


Ava seemed to like the Scoot right away. Like most toddlers, she was excited to see mommy with a big box and then assembling something new. When I was done, she climbed up to the seat right away and requested to sit in the Scoot while she watched her favorite show, Dora the Explorer.

The Scoot had passed my initial assessment, along with Ava’s, so I was excited to put it to the real test! I got Ava ready the next day and we took a little stroll so I could analyze all the different features of the Scoot.

Two Way Seating  

This feature is essential if you want a stroller that will grow with your child.

Parent-facing seating is perfect for a baby. It gives the baby a sense of security while letting the baby and parent bond better while out. As a baby grows into toddlerhood, he/she wants to explore and see the world more thus making the forward-facing seating essential.

Ava enjoys both. When she is hyper and wanting to see everything I put the seat forward-facing. When she is tired or feeling the need to be closer to mommy I adjust the seat to face me (parent-facing). The forward-facing position is also great when your toddler is in the mood to have a conversation with you.

I found adjusting the seat from one position to other with the Scoot easy.


The seat is able to adjust to two different positions in – Active & Rest. Active position is upright seating and perfect for toddlers who don’t enjoy lying down much. I loved that the active seating position is at a natural upright position. Sometimes the upright seating is not really upright on some strollers. Rest position fully reclines for the times your baby is in need of a nap. Adjusting downwards is done by unclasping the two circular clasps in the back of the seat. They’re easy to remove and won’t disturb an already sleeping baby.

High Seat Position

The high seat position is one of the defining characteristics of Stokke strollers. This feature is especially great for helping a child connect better to its parents while out.


The high seat position is probably the first feature I noticed when taking the Scoot out on our stroll. It’s much easier to maintain eye contact with Ava and converse with her while out. With my previous stroller, I always had to look down at Ava.

As a frequent traveler, I immediately recognized that the Scoot is perfect for taking on vacations. The Scoot seat is not only comfortable, but high enough to act as a high chair substitute. This is perfect for sitting outside at a beautiful cafe in a foreign country. Additionally, you’ll never be faced with bouncing your child on your knee while you attempt to eat at a restaurant that doesn’t provide high chairs.  I’ve had to do this more than once in a foreign country!

Multi Functional Hood


I instantly fell in love with the fabric of the hood.  It doesn’t have the vinyl-feel like most strollers seem to have these days but feels very luxurious when touched. The canopy is also water repellent.

The hood comes with an optional opening for ventilation that helps prevent a child from overheating. It’s perfect for keeping an eye out on your little one! A visor that is removable is also attached to the front of the hood to give extra protection from wind and light.

Easy One Hand Folding

One of the most ingenious designs to the Scoot is the ability to fold the stroller with one hand. How many times has a parent struggled to close a stroller while their little one screams? I know I have! It’s super easy too. Just push the lower part of the seat back to fold, slide and push down on the folding button while pulling the stroller upwards.


Compact & easy to carry

For a stroller of this class the Scoot is compact and easy to carry. Don’t underestimate how important this is. It’s literally impossible to carry my old stroller up and down our two flights of stairs. The Scoot folds in a compact way and I had no problems carrying it.


The compactness of the Scoot is also perfect for road trips. It will take up minimal room in most cars.



The Scoot wheels are made from soft material which make them resistant to puncturing. The wheels are not overly big or set too far apart from one another. I can’t stress how important this is. My last stroller was a pain in the butt when shopping at the mall. I could barely get between aisles. With the Scoot you’ll never have this problem. The swivelling wheels also make the Scoot easy to navigate in tight places.

The wheels can be locked in one direction with a single break.



The footrest is another stand-out feature of the Scoot. The footrest is adjustable to the height of the child which means no uncomfortable dangling feet.  It can also be placed on both parent and forward-facing seating.

Shaped almost like a footstep, a toddler will have no problems getting in and out of the Scoot.  Ava loved climbing in and out of the Scoot which she was unable to do with our other stroller.

Other Notable Features

• Height adjustable handle.
• Available in 8 different colors
• Extra roomy cargo basket
• Superior seat ergonomics for compact category
• Scoot Soft Bag – To Keep a baby warm in the winter
• 5 point safety harness.
• Engineered suspension for a smooth ride.
• Durable yet lightweight frame.
•  3-year warranty

For a limited time, the Scoot is retailing at the Stokke Store for $552.00. I believe the price point is more than fair when comparing the Scoot to similar strollers of the same class.

The Stokke Scoot makes the perfect holiday gift to an expectant mom or a parent in need of a new stroller for their toddler. Perfect for city dwellers, travelers and parents looking for a compact stroller with a multitude of features.

Disclaimer: Celeb Baby Laundry has not received any payment as a result of this review. We were sent the product for the purposes of review.  All products featured must meet Celeb Baby Laundry’s Holiday Gift Guide standards. All opinions are our own.

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