Suri Cruise And Her Security Guard Out In New York City

Suri Cruise And Her Security Guard Out In New York City

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes daughter Suri Cruise is just like a normal little girl she goes to school on a regular basis and like any little girl her broken arm has not been stopping her from doing anything.  It also does not stop her from looking like the little fashionista she always does.

We caught up with the little trend setter leaving a building in New York City with a security guard yesterday. [October 9th, 2013]  Suri was dressed in her usual black school uniform and a bright pink polar fleece jacket to keep out the cooler Fall weather.  She brought along a stuffed animal that looks well warn.  I guess it is one of her favorites.  Her Mom Kate was no where to be seen.

Suri does not look very happy in the photos and I guess she is getting tired of wearing a cast.  Her arm has been in a cast for one month and that is a long time for any little girl.  Or maybe Suri is tired of getting her photos snapped everywhere she goes, it cannot be easy for a little girl to have the constant barrage of paparazzi following her all the time.  Just saying ….


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