Review: Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer POP

Prince Lionheart ReviewGiven the fact that this is my 3rd baby in less than 4 years, I have become quite the diaper changing pro! But despite my best diapering tricks, I had been unable to conquer the dreaded nighttime poop. As soon as the cold wipe would touch my daughter’s bottom, she would wake up screaming and, yet again, my hopes of her sleeping through the night were gone and I was left exhausted, pacing the room trying to get her back to sleep.

I knew that all I needed to do to end this grueling cycle was to somehow warm the wipes to keep them from waking her. Rubbing them between my hands just wasn’t doing the trick! I had tried several wipe warmers, but they all caused my wipes to dry out. The solution, along with a good night’s sleep (finally!), came when Robyn gave a chance to review the Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer Pop!

The Wipes Warmer Pop is made with a unique Ever-Fresh system that actually maintains the wipes’ moisture and prevents them from turning brown. It has a modern, bright design that is visually appealing so it can be left out and is always conveniently where you need it. The green version actually fit in with the décor in my nursery and looked great on the dresser!

Prince Lionheart Review

Now when we wake up to a dirty diaper, the handy, warm wipes soothe my daughter back to sleep. Nighttime diaper changes are no longer a nightmare and we are finally able to get some rest!


Disclaimer: We were sent (one) “Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer POP” for review; however, we received no other form of compensation for the publication of this article. All opinions expressed here are those solely of the writer (the contributing writer) and not of Prince Lionheart.

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