Pink: “I Have the Most Beautiful Baby That Was Ever Born!”

Pink Covers Women Health

Showing of her toned abs on the October cover of Women’s Health magazine, Pink opens up about how in love she is with her 2-year-old daughter Willow.

The singer claims she is absolutely smitten with her growing toddler.

“I have the most beautiful baby that was ever born. Ever. So I’m sorry about all the rest of you,” she jokes in a video promoting her cover story.

Pink who is in the middle of her Truth About Love tour tells that she wasn’t prepared for the worries that come along with motherhood.

“A mom fear is a different kind of fear,” she says. “It’s all encompassing. You just want to make sure no matter what happens in the world, everything is taken care of.”

The proud mom has difficulty understanding how some women don’t enjoy motherhood.

“What surprises me the most about being a mom is that there were ever moms that didn’t enjoy it,” she admits. “I know it’s a lot of work and it’s exhausting and it’s a lot of pressure but what a blessing and a gift.”

Pink makes sure to stay in shape by working out five times a week, but still indulges in her favorite things.

“I would like to be more disciplined but I just really enjoy food,” she says. “I’d love to be 10 pounds thinner, but it’s not in the cards for me. And I’m totally okay with that.”

Pick up the magazine on newsstands to read the full interview.

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