Heidi Klum: Family Soccer Day

Heidi Klum Watching Her Kids Soccer Games

Heidi Klum watched her kids, Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou play soccer in Brentwood, CA on Sunday (Sept. 8).

The America’s Got Talent judge was dressed in a black shirt with a lion print on the front and tights while sitting with friends. She helped tie the shoes and fix the outfits of her children in between the fun.

Klum claims her favorite artwork are those done by her four children.

“I display their gigantic canvases, watercolors and three-dimensional art on a big wall at home, like at an art gallery,” she reveals in the October issue of Parents magazine. “Not only is the whole thing beautiful, but it makes the kids feel proud to see what they did hanging on the wall, and that really builds their confidence.”

The supermodel adds that she believes nurturing her kids’ imagination is very important.

“I think kids need to get their hands dirty – to paint, sculpt, create – in order to express themselves,” she says. “As adults we’re told we need to color inside the lines, but I don’t think you should ever tell a child that. Let them scribble-scrabble like crazy and see what comes out.”

Do you try to spark your own children’s creativity and imagination? How do you do so?

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet