Immortalising your Baby Bump With Belly Casting


The latest trend in pregnancy memorabilia is all about immortalising your baby bump.

While celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Emma Bunton have already preserved their bellies, it’s a pretty accessible thing to get done. Home kits have been around for years, and you can do it yourself for under 30$.

OR you can even go a step further and turn your bump into a unique piece of art as sculpture, through pregnant belly casting or traditional bellymasking.

British artists Masters and Munn are well known for creating 3D works of the human body (lifecasting). They are also known for their bespoke pregnant belly sculptures, done in anything from leather to gold. Casts can be decorated in any way – with painting, engraved poems or lyrics and metals.

They say: “Your belly cast will be a lasting reminder of how your body changed — far more than any photograph or video ever could do.”

People seem to either hate or love the idea of belly casts. Some view it as weird and narcissistic. Others, as a celebration of the female form, as art and a fun memento.

What do you think? Better than a photo or video? Will you be hanging your belly cast up this year?