Taxidermist Mom Makes Placenta Baby Booties


The world of baby keepsakes can be creative, fun..and a little creepy. We’ve already looked at the 3D Printed Fetus Dolls here. We’ve also seen how moms are immortalising their baby bumps in casts and moulds here. But some moms are taking their pregnancy mementos to new extremes with some pretty wacky souvenirs, including this mom’s one of a kind – Placenta Booties. 

The mother of one from North Yorkshire, is putting her taxidermist’s skills to good use with the creation of her very own placenta baby booties. Alison Brierley, 45 says she is used to creating art from animal skins and decided to apply the same technique to her placenta. She said:

I wanted to create as many beautiful things from my placenta as possible. The skin was beautiful and heavily veined near the umbilical cord.

After trying out some ideas, she decided on a pair of booties before making a meal of what was left of her placenta.

I made several different pairs of booties for Max. Unfortunately they were too small and fragile for him to wear so I fitted them with LED lights and I usually have a pair hanging from my rear view mirror in the motor home. This Christmas I had both pairs decorating the tree as ornaments.

Alison also created a print using placenta blood, a light box called A Womb With A View and cooked up a placenta bourguignon. She said:

I know so much about placentas that I now offer my services as a placenta artist. I’ve made 13 things from placenta skin and blood so far, including a key ring and a charm for a purse. 

You can check out Alison’s “Placenta Art” here.