Summer Pregnancy: 12 Ways to Beat the Heat

Summer Pregnancy: 12 Ways to Beat the Heat

It’s HOT. The sun is on full blast and you’re pregnant – so it feels that much HOTTER. But don’t despair, here are a dozen simple ways to keep your COOL.

1. HYDRATE. It’s especially important to stay extra hydrated during summer months. Drink before you get thirsty – aim to drink your 8 glasses of water every day, plus 8oz of water for each hour you spend outside. Refresh yourself with ice pops and water-rich fruits and vegetables. (Did someone say Mocktails?)

2. GET OUT OF THE SUN! Reduce the risks of burns, Melasma and fatigue by sticking to the shade or enjoying the outdoors outside of peak sun times. Use common sense. Wear a Hat. And most importantly, wear sunscreen (choose a minimum SPF 30, and one that blocks UVA and UVB rays).

3. GET INTO THE WATER. Swimming not only cools you off, it also takes some of the weight off your sciatic nerve.

4. WEAR A SUMMER DRESS. Restrictive clothing can increase your discomfort, add to swelling and cause heat rash. Wear loose clothing and breathable fabrics. Summer dresses are airy and comfortable. (Wear bicycle shorts if thigh chafing is an issue – no one has to know.)

5. DITCH THE FLIP FLOPS. Minimal ankle support can increase injury, so swap the flimsy sandals for footwear with cushioning and arch support. Think sneakers, soft soled flats or Birkenstocks. Heat causing your feet to swell? Unsure about the size? Go up a half (or even a full) size.

6. STOCK YOUR FRIDGE. Yes, having cool drinks and snacks is a must, but it’s not just food that your fridge can chill. Hydrate your skin and cool down with cold cucumber slices for your eyes. Chill your foot lotion before use or pop a pack of baby wipes in for extra cooling power.

7. REST. Avoid rigorous activity in the heat. Put your feet up to alleviate swelling.

8. TREAT YOURSELF. Because I said so. Ease any tension or discomfort by finding fun things to do in cool spaces. A heat wave is the perfect excuse to see a movie, head to the mall, get to the salon or meet a friend for fro-yo. Take advantage of air conditioned zones where you can relax and have some fun.

9. SWEET COOL DREAMS. If you have no air conditioning, heat can be a nightmare. Keep your room cool and dark during the day. Use a fan, keep the window open. Some women even put a small pillow in the freezer for a couple of hours before bed- just be sure to wrap it in a plastic bag to keep the ice from forming. Choose natural fibers when buying sheets. Wear something light and breathable.

10. SHOP. If it’s in your budget, there are loads of techie solutions to chill you out. Fancy a bed fan with a wireless remote? A liquid-cooled mattress pad? A nifty portable air conditioner? Even a basic sleep mask with a cool pad might do the job. Rest assured – they’ve thought of everything.

11. SPRITZ! Use a refreshing body spray with cooling essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus – cool water might even do the trick.

12. LIGHTER, BRIGHTER MEALS are easier to digest, don’t weigh you down and keep you out of the kitchen. Summer is great for cold soups, salads and fresh produce. Think colourful and easy.