Blogher Conference: How Will I Survive Without My Two Year Old?

Ava & Me

I’m going to Blogher 13!

Blogher is the biggest conference for woman in the country and takes place each year in a new city. Every brand will be at this event from – cleaning product to children toys and I’m hoping to connect with as many as I can. My goal is to bring my Celeb Baby Laundry readers the most amazing reviews and giveaways in the next year.

There is just one problem! How do I survive 3½ days away from my 2-year-old daughter? I do have the option of taking her, but it will be so much less stressful for her and myself if she stays with dada. I don’t think a conference is a place for a toddler. First of all the time difference and change of schedule will throw her off for two days. Meaning one cranky baby that is definetely not in the mood to be carted around to events! Plus, lots of the parties serve alcohol, so it’s not very appropriate environment for her either.

I’ve been away from her before. My husband and I realize we need time to ourselves to have a successful marriage, so my mom occasionally lets Ava sleep over for the night. The thing is though, my mom only lives 10 minutes away! There is something very comforting in knowing Ava is so close. Going to Chicago (where Blogher takes places this year), will be a lot different! It is not close and the plane ride is over two hours.

Ava is old enough to realize I am not around, so I worry about her missing me. Being a mommy blogger/ stay-at-home mom I am always with her. So, I haven’t adjusted to leaving her each day to go to work. Likewise, mommy is always there for her. For this fact, it will be a little a harder to be away from her.

I am going to be super busy and I have a lot on my plate those three days. So, hopefully I will be somewhat distracted. Mu husband will be home with her everyday, so they will enjoy some dada-daughter time together. He is planning to take her out and keep her busy. Hopefully, it will distract her too!

In the end, I know she and I will be fine. We will both miss each other, but after a day of me being back it will be like I never left. Plus, the more networking I do the more I ensure that I can be a a stay-at-home mom forever! So, in the long term she will get to see me more!

How do you deal with leaving you kids? How long have you left them for?

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