Hilary Duff Leaves “Babies First Class” With Son Luca

Hilary Duff Leaves "Babies First Class" With Son Luca

We caught up with Hilary Duff yesterday [June 20th,2013]  as she left “Babies First Class” in Sherman Oaks with her adorable 15-month-old son, Luca Comrie.  Babies first class is a interactive mommy & me program.  The goal is to help educate, guide and empower new parents, promote family bonding, and provide a fun and stimulating environment for infants and adults.  I currently take my daughter Ava to a similar program every Thursday and she loves it.

Hilary, 25,  is really looking great she has lost 30 lbs since giving birth to Luca in March 2012.  Hilary lost her weight the good old fashion way by eating smaller portions, she wanted to keep it off.  Hilary was spotted wearing skinny jeans and wearing a t-shirt that says “Bad Girls Don’t Cry.”  She accessorized herself with a big Chanel Bag, stylish bracelets and cute sandals.

Hilary and Luca were all smiles as they headed out to run some errands after spending some Mommy/Son time together.

The night before Hilary hit the theatre to see, “This Is The End” at Century City and she loved it.  She post to her twitter account, “My belly is still aching from laughter,”  she even posted a snap of the theater ticket.


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