Easy Coupon Ideas for Mom!

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Companies love your feedback. Really, they do! That’s the only way the know how to make changes or improvements or stay the same. I remember in my high school English class I was told that if you’re going to make a complaint about something you need to make sure you make a compliment as well; it will get your opinion farther! This knowledge in combination with watching this insane Extreme Couponing show got my wheels turning. What if I called my favorite baby products and actually just complimented their product what would happen? I’ll tell you what would happen!

I first started with our favorite baked snack. Not only did they have the most pleasant on hold voice I’ve ever heard, the girl who helped me was quite pleasant also! I told them how we loved their crackers and my kiddos lived off them! They’re sending me some coupons for new products!

Then I figured okay, let’s go with some diapers. First I started off with my favorite (but expensive) diapers. Asked them if they had any coupons online since I loved their products just couldn’t afford them on our one income family. Guess what I have coming!? More coupons!  This would also be a great idea for those new moms who are concerned about what diapers will work best for their little babes! Call some of the diaper companies and ask for samples or coupons so you can try out a few different brands and see what might work best on your kiddo! (trust me, NOT all diapers fit the same- what worked for my son didn’t work for my daughter!). Companies want to win your business over leading companies and if that means giving you some coupons to try their product, I promise you they will!

Many times formula companies are more than willing to give out free samples so again you can try their product and see which will work best on your little baby!  Sometimes it’s as simple as signing up online and sometimes you need to make a phone call or a letter or two. It’s really a bit of your time to save some money! Also check online websites for coupon suggestions and where to find them. You don’t have to get all crazy mom coupon but you can save yourself a few bucks for just a little bit of time! Most of the calls I made I was told that coupons could be found online but I did ask for a few free samples to be sent my way which will work out wonderfully for going in the back of my mom car storage organizer!

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