Ava’s Favorite Summer Shoes: Tiny TOMS


It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year when you stuff your little girls huge winter jacket, boots and other winter clothing in the back of the closet. Out come the pretty summer dresses, jumpers, swimsuits and other cute outfits.

I find summer clothing is easy to find and pick out. If I had the money, I could go to any big retailer and walk out with almost every outfit! This is not the same when it comes to shoes for my daughter.  Shoes can’t be picked up anywhere and generally need to be decent quality.

Obviously, the most important thing when picking out shoes are their functionality. They need to be comfortable and fit your toddler well. Then comes cuteness! At this moment Ava’s Pink Canvas Tiny TOMS Classics are those shoes.

tomsI first noticed TOMS when I was at one of my daughter’s playdates. One of the girls her age had a pair and I thought they looked unbelievably cute, but also comfortable. I went out and bought a pair for Ava immediately.

Ava basically wears these shoes everyday. They are easy to get on (great with a toddler) and are just as comfortable as they look. She can walk the longest in these shoes. They never fall off her feet which make them great for the park too.

Right now, her TOMS look quiet dirty (maybe because she wears them all the time), but it’s not a problem because they can be easily be washed.

These Tiny TOMS come in a variety of colors, so they are great for little boys too.

We give these shoes a 5+ rating!

Stayed tuned for more shoes and clothing reviews this summer!

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