Babywearing: The best way to travel at the airport

Babywearing: The best way to travel at the airport

We went to visit my husband’s family last weekend and after much thought we decided not to bring the car seat and stroller with us to the airport. Instead, we carried him in our Ergobaby and I have to say, it was the best decision yet! It was so easy for us and baby.

First, going through security was a breeze! We didn’t have the added luggage of the car seat so I had both hands free to help my husband with the carry ons, easily take off my shoes, show my ticket and ID at security. Second, it made Baby C feel comfortable, secure and less fussy. With all the chaos and commotion at the airport, he started to doze off while we were going through security and slept before we boarded. It was also nice to walk through the plane without bumping chairs with the bulky car seat. I’m sure the other passengers appreciated it too!

My husband and I love babywearing. I don’t know what I would do without our Ergobaby. I started wearing him when he was one month old with the infant insert and it has been great for cooking, cleaning, laundry, losing the baby weight and pretty much everything in between. We went to our first Sling and Dance class on Tuesday and Baby C loved it.

With summer family travel approaching, I highly recommend babywearing. We love our Ergobaby and there’s so many options out there. Find a carrier or wrap that works for you and your family and happy babywearing!

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