Rice Cereal Adventures

Rice Cereal Adventures

Baby C’s first taste of rice cereal was last week and it actually went better than we thought. We heard from a lot of our friends that the baby will hate it and spit it out. Maybe our baby is a super chub and loves food like his mommy and daddy but he successfully ate 7 spoonfuls!  There was a little that dripped down the sides of his mouth but overall he swallowed it and seemed to like it.

After doing some research, we decided to start off with Happy Family Happy Bellies Brown Rice Cereal. It was actually thanks to Twitter that I first learned about Happy Family. It is wasn’t for their social media presence on Facebook and Twitter I would have never known about their products. We liked it because it is organic and has DHA and Choline for brain and eye development.  We mixed it with some frozen breastmilk and I’m glad Baby C liked it because mommy only likes white rice. LOL!

Baby C would have eaten more but he really didn’t like sitting up and eating. I guess he’s spoiled because he’s always lying down when I breastfeed him. We first had him in the high chair but then he kept slouching down. We moved him to the Bumbo on the floor but then he was annoyed and fussed because he had to sit and eat.

We will be doing rice cereal for a couple of weeks before starting vegetables. I will be making his food so look out for a baby food adventures post soon! I’m sure that one will be a lot messier!

I’d love to hear how your baby’s first food went.  Did they like it? What was the first fruit or vegetable you gave them? Any tips for a first time baby food making mama?