Making Your Own Babyfood

babyfood (500 x 340)

Baby food can get quite expensive if you’re buying in a jar. Not only on that note, if you read the labels on baby food, it isn’t exactly pure and clean. Making the baby food yourself enables you to know exactly what you’re putting in your baby’s mouth at any given point.

There are a few foods that are quite simple to make, that is, they don’t require any steaming or cooking in order to make them baby friendly. Banana’s are a great fruit to start with. They are already mushy and don’t require anything more than simply mashing them up more! You can control the consistency and tailor it to what your baby can handle as they grow. If you are just introducing baby food, try mixing it with formula or breast milk as a familiar flavor. Another great one to try is avocado. It has great health benefits for people and lots of healthy fats! It is another already ‘soft’ one so all you need to do is mush accordingly! As baby gets older you’ll be able to keep the consistency thicker to help transition into solid foods. Other fruits and veggies will require some sort of cooking, whether it be baking or steaming, to make them baby food friendly.

Baby food is easy to make in large batches. In order to store food you can buy certain pre-designed baby food storage containers. Otherwise, you can have a more ‘cost effective’ method and buy an ice cube tray. Fill the ice cube spots with prepared baby food. Stick your food back into your freezer and leave there until frozen (keep an eye though; you don’t want it getting forgotten and get freezer burn!). Once it’s frozen, you can break the cubes out of the mold and then stick them into a more freezer safe storage option. Then, when you’re ready to use them, you’ll be able to select a few cubes from your saved up stock. Let them defrost by letting them sit out for a bit or you can zap them in the microwave for a few seconds to help start to melt them a bit.

By making your own baby food you’re also able to make your own mixes. For instances, my son couldn’t have sweet potatoes as a baby and so anything that had sweet potatoes in it we had to avoid. Rather than spending all that time at the store figuring out what mixes did or didn’t contain it, we just made our own baby food, no doubt there! My neighbors and I would usually get together for an afternoon and spend the day making tons of baby food. It was very easy to make extremely large batches and then split them between our families. Also if you’re trying to get organic baby food you’re able to ensure that by purchasing organic fruits and veggies and making baby food from there. I promise you, you will end up saving money, you’ll be feeding your child healthier options and it’s fun and rewarding knowing you’re the one who is actually making the meals for your child rather than a big company!