The Hand Diet – Healthy Family Portions for Everyone Made SUPER Easy

The Hand Diet - Healthy Family Portions for Everyone Made SUPER Easy

This “handy” trick can help anyone control their eating habits. The Hand Diet is literally, and simply, a rule of thumb for managing how much you eat. The hands-on rule will help you control healthy family portions for everyone and make healthy eating simple.

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Portion control is a struggle in our home. My girls want to eat like birds, and my son wants to inhale an entire pizza. I’m equally as guilty; scarfing down obscene amounts of delicious Bagel Bites in shameful portions. Measuring out how much each of your family members needs to maintain a healthy diet isn’t as challenging as you might thin. The size of the portion best for you is all in your hand. It’s like magic. (Not on Harry Potter levels, but you get the point.)

Palm – Using the size of your palm is a great way to measure out the amount of meat, fish, or poultry you should be eating per meal.

Fingertip – The fingertip is about the amount of butter you should be spreading on your toast or bagel.

Thumb – This is the amount of peanut butter you should use for a sandwich, dressing for your salad, and sour cream for your baked potato or burrito.

Fist – Your fist should be the same size of your portion of ice cream, salad, or pasta.

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The best part of the Hand Diet is that it applies to the specific hand of the eater. So, if you are unsure of how much your child should be eating…the answer is their little hand.

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