Kim Kardashian Worried There Is Something Wrong With Her Baby

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Kim Kardashian is worried that something is wrong with her baby after her miscarriage scare earlier this week as she returned from her brief trip to Paris. Her doctors had strongly advised the reality star to slow down with her work schedule because it was definitely going to take a toll on her baby’s health, and hers too, of course.

Kris Jenner was very worried when she heard what had happened to Kim after she called her up explaining how she made a visit to the hospital after feeling stomach pain. Luckily the baby was fine and so was Kim, but ever since the visit to the doctor, the 32-year old has been worried that something may be wrong with the baby — it is driving her mad and she can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s obvious that when you’re pregnant, you take it easy because the littlest things can stress you out, so when Kim is traveling to Nigeria, Vegas, Paris, London and all these other fancy places, it shouldn’t come as a shock to find out that if she continues her busy schedule like this, the baby will be seriously affected by it all.

Ever since her stomach pain earlier this week, Kim feels that her baby no longer kicks as often as it used to and is finding it very strange. She’s pin-pointing out every single thing that seems to worry about her after fearing she had lost the baby when she made her visit to the hospital. Her mom has reassured her that she needs to simply rest, before promising that her schedule will be changed so she isn’t constantly doing something to promote her brands or herself.