Posh Pipsqueak: Baby Legs!!

babylegs (500 x 199)

Recently my 18 month old daughter showed an interest in potty training which is totally wonderful but we’re at that ‘I have to pee every two seconds’ stage which can be a very frustrating stage. Pull up type diapers never worked for training purposes for my kids so we just go cold turkey and go right to underwear. However, I’m getting kinda sick of washing dirty pants AND panties. So for a while we tried with just panties on but I have a few kids who come to my house a week that I care after and that’s a bit revealing to have her walking around naked or in panties (and let’s factor in the Midwest winters to that!)! It was quite the frustrating situation.

One day during my search for smaller panties for girls I stumbled upon Posh Pipsqueak and her adorable baby legs. These things are wonderful, I knew they would solve our potty training woes. They are essentially leggings but without the middle. Each leg gets a legging and they keep baby warm during the cool days. It’s perfect for us and potty training as my daughter can now wear her panties and her baby legs and it’s a win-win for everyone. No more dirty pants when she has an accident AND she stays warm while running around in her panties! It also helps her to learn to use the potty on her own. She can manage to get her panties down but getting pants and panties down was a task she wasn’t doing so well at. They come in tons of different colors to match any outfit. I don’t feel so bad now when my daycare families drop off their kiddos and she’s running around in a T-shirt, panties and her Posh Pipsqueak legs!

Posh Pipsqueak offers tons of different styles. We also picked up a pair of her amazing Posh Fuzzy Legs. These are the cutest things ever (no, seriously!). They’re just like the regular Posh legs but they have an adorable accent color of fuzzy goodness at the bottom. These are super, super soft. They can be used the same ways at the regular Posh legs. My favorite use for these (or any of her Posh legs) are to reuse my daughter’s summer clothing as winter clothing. Kid clothes are super expensive and so it’s frustrating to buy something and use it for 6 months and then next year it doesn’t fit..Posh legs fixes that problem! Skirts and dresses my daughter was wearing just this past summer, that still fit her, are perfect when doubled up with a pair of Posh Fuzzy Legs under them. Then I just add a long sleeve top and you’ve got a perfect winter outfit! I love, love being able to reuse pieces and these Posh legs make outfits simply adorable!

Want a pair, or two, or three of your own Check out all her amazing styles of Posh Pipsqueak Legs at: http://www.poshpipsqueak.com/. Don’t forget to check out all her other cute boutique like products while you’re at it. She is a great person to work with and has fabulous products that I put my official “Must have!” seal of approval on! The quality is wonderful and they are super soft and easy to wash. I promise you, you’ll have a hard time picking just one set of Posh Legs to order!