Kim Kardashian Offered $250,000 to Document her Pregnancy Online!

Kim Kardashian Offered $250,000 to Document her Pregnancy Online!

Have you had enough of Kim Kardashian yet? I mean between her reality shows (yes a new one is coming that’ll document her new little family), multitude of photo opportunities and let’s not forget all of those recent trips to the gym in see through leggings – are we over her yet? Well apparently David Dginguerian doesn’t think so.  He wants to launch a new website called MyPregnancy and in a perfect world Kim will be one of its main headliners.

Get this, visitors would have to pay for a membership and that would get them access to all sorts of goodies, including Kim’s documenting the remainder of her pregnancy. David believes so strongly in the idea that he has offered Kim a $250,000 sign on bonus. He also claims that if she’ll sign on the dotted line then he’ll donate ALL of the profit, which he believes may be as much as $100,000 a month, to the Christian charity of Kim’s choice.

Why on earth is anyone going to pay for details of Kim’s morning sickness or to be teased about the sex of her baby? This woman can’t stay away from the limelight and she’s going to want to talk about her pregnancy every time someone shoves a mic in her face! She won’t be able to help herself! Plus she already has a personal site with a blog so isn’t that the logical place to update her fans with baby news? Wouldn’t you think people with sane minds would just go there to get their Kim Kardashian pregnancy news? Wonder what Kanye West thinks about this ridiculous offer . . . .

Would you pay a monthly fee to read about Kim’s pregnancy workout tips or fashion tips? I mean if you want to pay isn’t it cheaper to grab the latest issue of one of the weekly tabloids?  You know they’ll be on top of her pregnancy from start to finish! Will Kim sign to be a part of MyPregnancy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit to FameFlynet