Super Easy Christmas Projects

As the holiday break is approaching moms alike are looking for ways to keep the kiddos entertained…or maybe you are looking for some handmade gifts from your lovely children to give to the grandparents?! Well! Look no farther! Here are our favorites! All these crafts are super easy to make and likely you’ll have all the products already at home

                                                             Pom Pom ornaments:
You’ll need a Styrofoam ball, fuzzy pom pom balls, ribbon, pins or hot glue.  The instructions we found for this called for using pins to attach the fuzzy balls but we went with hot glue! (you can try regular craft glue with the younger crowd)

Start off by cutting your ribbon and attaching it to the styrofoam ball; this is what you’ll use to hang your finished product on your tree. Then, simply apply glue to the fuzzy ball and attach it to your styrofoam ball. Super simple, super fun!

Hand print Christmas tree:
You’ll need construction paper, green craft paint, brown paint (for trunk) and assorted sparkles!  This one is about as simple as it gets (but messy!). Apply green paint to little ones hands and then press them onto your construction paper forming them into the shape of a tree. (4 hand prints on bottom, then 3, then 2, then 1 on the top!) Finish off your tree by decorating with all sorts of crafts for ornaments, lights and a star on top!

Hand Print Wreath:
You’ll need green construction paper, red construction paper (or ribbon).   This one is a bit less, kid involved (or at least for the younger crowd). Start by tracing your kiddos hand. You’ll then need several other hands cut out to match your original one (this is where you might need to take over for younger kids, but it’ll be a keep sake project!). Arrange the cut out hands in the shape of a circle, palms facing in. Cut a red bow out and attach at the bottom.

Cotton Ball Santa:
You’ll need a computer printer (or you can draw a Santa if you can!), cotton balls, other craft supplies.  Print out a picture of Santa, face only. Then let kiddos glue on cotton balls for a beard. It’s great for those developing motor skills! Have lots of fun by getting googly eyes and glue them to Santa as well. Let kiddos color in the other pieces.

Paper Plate Wreath:
You’ll need old fashioned paper plates, crayons and other craft supplies.  This one will require a parent to help. Start by cutting out only the middle of the paper plate, so you have the ribby edges left. Let your child take over from there by coloring their wreath green and applying fun sparkles to make it their own. Try using buttons, rhinestones and cheerios for a fun effect!