Kid Friendly New Year’s Eve!

Kid Friendly New Year's Eve!

As parents it’s hard to go out on new years. Often times you’ll need an over night babysitter or a sitter that can stay with your children well into the wee hours. So let’s say you’re not planning on paying an arm and a leg for such a sitter this year but also want to do something fun for your kiddos.

If you have older kids, chances are they are off school so staying up late tonight probably won’t hurt anything. Try having a new year’s party right in your own living room. Go to the grocery store and pick out fun appetizers (or supplies to make your own! Which are even better!). Plan to do something fun during the night, like play games. Movie night could be another fun activity if you don’t do it very often. Get in your comfiest PJ’s and ring in the new year with junk food and games- sounds perfect to me.

If you’re wanting something a bit more festive, have a fancy party. Make small finger sandwiches, fancy cheese trays (cut in fun shapes of course!) and punch. Of course you’ll need your sparkling grape juice for your midnight toast!   Let everyone wear fancy clothes (if they want) and have fun playing party games. Toss the ball into the bucket, pin the tail on the donkey or even a piñata if you’ve got the room. Try getting fun party hats to ring in the new year! It’ll be a complete hit with your kiddos, trust me! Party poppers and silly string are a big hit too. Then just tell your kids they don’t have to clean up the mess until next year, you’ll really throw them for a loop!

If you’ve got other family friends who are in the same boat as you are try having a a large party with the same above mentioned things. Have everyone come in their PJ’s, that way, when it’s time to leave your guests will already be in their PJ’s and ready for bed once they arrive home! Ask everyone to bring a fun dish to pass and you’ve got an instant party (and for low cost too!).

What about a desert only party? Do a big cookie baking party while you ring in the new year. It will also help encourage you to stay up to watch those cookies. The options are endless for what sort of night you could create. Keep your sparkling juice a flowin’ and everyone will have a lovely night!

As always, Happy New Year, we’ll see ya in 2013!