Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon Become Diet Buddies

Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon Become Diet Buddies

It may seem like all Hollywood moms revert to their pre-baby state of female Adonis sculpted beauty in a matter of hours after giving birth, but Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner are willing to fess up to the reality. Jennifer gave birth last February to son Samuel, and has been fighting the pounds one by one ever since.

I was really careful with what I ate–but for whatever reason, my body just wanted to gain more weight, and luckily, this time, for whatever reason, my body wanted to lose it,” she explains about her weight loss.

Jen isn’t the sort of mom who would hire a team of nannies and wet nurses so she can hit the gym six hours a day. Her philosophy seems to be a lot morehakuna matata.

Jen has turned to Reese, who gave birth to Tennessee earlier this fall, as a diet budy. Though we’ve never thought that Reese needs to do any work on herself, we understand where she’s coming from! After leasing your body out for nine months, it’s nice to take control again.

Both of them have a serious sweet tooth,” an insider told Star Magazine. “Whenever Reese wants to reach for a chocolate bar, she calls Jen instead, and vice versa.” We love the healthy weight loss–eat well, exercise moderately, and most importantly, buddy up!

Having someone to hold you accountable for your diet plan can double your chance of success, some experts say. By turning to each other, Jen and Reese are not only losing the weight, but doing so in a social, positive way, instead of laying in bed at night and calculating grams of fat and calories burnt walking. What’s next for the A-list moms? Hopefully more romantic comedies! We miss seeing them on the big screen!