The Affleck-Garner Family Get Crafty With Cakes

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner took their daughters Violet and Seraphina to Cake Mix in West Hollywood, California on Sunday. The family looked adorable as they bonded while sculpting three cakes together. Seraphina concentrated on sculpting a yellow cake while Violet worked on a pink cake that she painted purple stars on.

Affleck recently admitted he was excited to see his new film Argo hit number one at the box office.

“I was very excited, to be honest. I’m usually insecure, skeptical, or try to find the worst about it — but this was just a really nice thing. A lot of people worked really hard. Dramas like this don’t really work well at the box office. Usually, it’s more high-concept things. I was just really happy. I cut out and pasted a copy of the web page to keep it. Next time I want to make a movie like this, I want to say, hey look — you can be successful with movies like this,” he told Popsugar.

Have you seen Argo yet?