Chris Hemsworth Finds His Daughter Fascinating

Chris Hemsworth Finds His Baby Fascinating

Chris Hemsworth showed his worth in The Avengers earlier this year and according to Prestige magazine’s latest cover, he is also showing his worth in 4-month-old daughter India’s life. The actor opens up in the latest edition of the magazine about family life, his wife Elsa Pataky and the difficulty of being a family man in Hollywood.

What does a world famous actor (and brother of Miley Cyrus’ boy) find more fascinating than Hollywood? According to Chris, he finds his baby “fascinating”. The actor says about little India,She’s becoming more and more aware of the world and that’s incredible. It’s fascinating watching her; every day there’s something different.”  Our hearts just melted like a candy apple in the pocket of a kid.

Hemsworth not only has to juggle his family, but he also has to juggle his massive career. He says,It’s tough, certainly. When you’re all in one place, it’s like a normal job. The hours can be inconsistent, but at least when you come home at night, the family’s there.” He also opens up about being away from his daughter India during the difficult press tour phases of post-production, “The toughest thing is the press tours and the travel, which fortunately is only a couple of time a year for a couple of weeks at a time. So the time I’m away from them can be minimal. What will become harder is if my wife and I are both working at the same time in different countries.

The blue-eyed Australian doesn’t only surf, train and watch movies with his family, but he also relaxes during his off-time with India. He says about his spare time, “At the moment, hang out with my little baby.” We imagine Chris chilling with India on the carpet, playing with her for hours on end and being the coolest dad in all of Hollywood.

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