Cameron Diaz Is Okay With Not Having Children

Cameron Diaz Esquire Mag

Cameron Diaz is okay with not having children.

In the new issue of the U.K.’s Esquire magazine in which Diaz covers, the actress opens up about turning fort, marriage and the possibility of having children.

Diaz admits she is “very … capable” of becoming a mother, but won’t feel incomplete if she never is.

“I don’t need to have the children in my life be a part of my literal flesh,” she explains. “And anyway, there’s still a possibility of that, I ain’t that old.”

When it comes to marriage Diaz has no regrets, yet it’s not something she has completely ruled out.

“It just wasn’t the thing I was drawn to. I certainly didn’t want it in my 20s. Or my 30s.” she says. “We’ll see! I want someone who takes care of themselves, who’s strong. To hear people are engaged in life like that is exciting to me.”

Diaz adds that she has no problems turning the big 4-0 and actually feels better than ever.

“I’m so excited. Getting older is the best part of life. Like, I know more than I’ve ever known,” Diaz tells, adding, “I have gratitude. I know myself better. I feel more capable than ever. And as far as the physicality of it, I feel better at 40 than I did at 25.”

Do you think every women is meant to be a mother? Or can women be more than happy without children?