Tori Spelling Finally Home After Emergency Hospital Stay

Tori Spelling Finally Home After Emergency Hospital Stay

Reality star, Tori Spelling must finally be on the mend!  Three weeks after delivering her fourth child, Finn Davey, Tori was rushed to the hospital with serious complications from her c-section.  She was hospitalized for nearly two full weeks before finally being deemed well enough to go home. The new mom posted her many thanks on her personal blog on her EdiTORIal website saying,

“Hi everyone – I wanted to let you know that I am home from the hospital, on the road to recovery, and overjoyed to be back with my family. I am so thankful for all of your love and support these past couple of weeks. It has meant so much to me. I will be back to blogging tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Love, Tori”

Tori spent part of her time in the hospital tweeting pics of objects that are for sale at her antique boutique, InvenTORI. I guess even while laid up she was worried about bringing home some cash!

Tori was said to have undergone emergency surgery do to whatever complications arose. It’s actually a well known risk of having babies too close together via c-section. If your body doesn’t have enough time to heal in between recoveries you put yourself at serious risk. I have to wonder if Tori having two children in under a year has something to do with her complications.  Hattie will turn one on October 11th and baby Finn will be about 6 weeks old by that time!  Was it too much for her body? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!