Matthew Mcconaughey Backs Campaign To Keep Kids In School (Photos)


Matthew McConaughey is pictured here during his P&G GIVE Education Campaign supported by his foundation Just Keep Livin held at Venice High School on August 15, 2012 in Venice, California. His expecting wife Camila Alves watched her husband from a near by bench with a few students.

Matthew is backing a new campaign to keep kids in school in the United States.  Matthew, and his just keep livin foundation (j.k. livin) are one of 15,000 community organizations that Communities In Schools has partnered with to channel much-needed resources to children who are at the greatest risk of dropping out.

“I created the j.k. livin foundation so we can help children make positive and healthy changes in themselves and the world around them – and at the most basic level for many, that starts with graduating high school,” said McConaughey. “I am a firm believer in the power and necessity of mentorship, and by teaming with GIVE Education, we’re ensuring that people learn about the inspiring and effective work mentors are doing across the country to combat the dropout crisis.”

GIVE Education is part of the P&G GIVE program, a social sustainability platform designed to inspire and enable people to use their everyday purchases to touch lives and improve life.