Exciting Milestone: Ava Starts Pointing

Celeb Baby Laundry - Ava Pointing

Who would have thought pointing could be so exciting?

Ava started pointing at 12 months while we were vacationing near Reggio Emilia, Italy. We walked into the farmhouse we were staying at and she looked over to a scarecrow and started pointing at it. It was so surprising because it came out of nowhere!

Most parents don’t think of their baby starting to point as a huge milestone, but it has been so exciting for us. Pointing has opened up a whole new level of communication and given us a glimpse into her busy mind. When she is looking around all she wants to do is point, so she can show us what she is looking at. She wants to know, “What is that thing I am looking at” and looks to us to tell her.

Pointing enables your baby’s vocabulary to broaden. When Ava points at objects or our cats we always tell her what she is looking at. She loves trying to repeat after us in her baby language.  It is exciting hearing her say ca for cat, ba for bag, pic for picture and so on.

When did your baby start to point?