Ways To Save: Planning For Baby Number Two

When we decided to have children we knew we would have more than one child , and we knew they would be close in age. We had a beautiful baby boy in June of 2010 and another beautiful baby boy in April of 2012. We may have yet another in a few years! So I have been planning. Every piece of clothing was cared for, when stains would appear I would stain treat it before it set in, and most of the time I was able to save it. When DS1 outgrew his clothing I carefully stored it in bins. I did the same for his toys.

Now that DS2 is here I have only spent $10 to date on him, and that was just so they would have matching shirts for the 4th and matching outfits for pictures. Gymboree has great clearance items! I always shop clearance at Gap Kids, The Childrens Place, Gymboree, and other department stores. I also sign up for their mailing list, and often get coupons which I apply to my already marked down items. Honestly, it is cheaper than shopping consignment. With the exception of Halloween costumes. I found some great deals at consignment shops, it is something that I just cant bring myself to spend a fortune on! Last year, after Halloween, I picked up costumes on clearance for this year – $6!!! More than 50% off!

Even if it is your first child, there are plenty of ways to save. Consignment for things like swings, bouncers, strollers etc. are great. You can save quite a bit. Just research online to be sure it hasn’t been recalled. I would advise against purchasing a used carseat or crib used. There is no telling if a carseat has been in an accident and that is a safety risk you don’t want to mess with. A crib can also have safety issues, and it is better to purchase new. Consumer advocacy groups say that used bicycle helmets, cribs and child safety seats are a bad idea to purchase used so put that on your registry.

Also, when having a shower, have a drawing for anyone who brings diapers. Any size (specify the brand you want if necessary). A box gets two tickets and a bag gets one. You will not run out of diapers and it will be the best gift ever!

What are some of the ways you saved for your other children?