Pink’s Daughter Willow Sage Has Six Teeth And Is Still Breastfeeding

Pink's Daughter Willow Sage Has Six Teeth And Is Still Breastfeeding

OMG! How cute is Pink’s kid? Little Willow Sage is 13 months old and the little one is still breastfeeding. Pink doesn’t have a case of the nip-nip chip-chip, as little Willow luckily doesn’t bite!

Pink phoned in to Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM Radio show Monday morning while she was busy breastfeeding. Pink said about Willow, who is fathered by Carey Hart, “She’s got six teeth, but she’s not a biter.”  We’re pleased to hear that Pink! We don’t want you to lose something important, now do we?

The singer released her latest single, Blow Me (One Last Kiss), on Monday which is due to be released on her latest album out 18th September.

Pink has never been one to be softened by motherhood and said to Seacrest, “Some people are worried [my new album]‘s going to be a bunch of lullabies. It’s definitely not. I’m more aware of the cursing. It didn’t stop me but I’m aware of it. It’s a very, fun, dance-y, rock-and-roll record.”

We’re glad to hear Pink didn’t do a rock version of Barney’s incessant song. We would seriously have thrown her album at the wall and slid down it with dramatics and hysterics. You don’t want us going all ingénue on you, now do you?

The little Willow is taking after her mother and is already singing, dancing and talking. Pink said about her 13 month old bundle of cuteness, “[She] has her Daddy’s looks and my attitude. She’s going to rule the world.”

We agree with you Pink. Willow will take over the world with baby drool and cuddles!

Image credit: Dn09/FAMEFLYNET