C- Sections On Demand – New Fad?

The C section rate climbs each year. At my local hospital it is 33% and that is actually considered to be pretty good. Florida gets a bad rep too, with nearly 40% of all babies are born via c section. It is becoming more of a common thing, something women put on the calendar, do their hair and make up and they are off.

I will never forget watching Shanna Moakler on Meet the Barkers. She had a c section planned and went in with full hair and make up. Hey, the baby pics will look amazing. But at what cost? C sections are major surgery and it takes more time and special care for both mom and baby to recover than it would a vaginal birth.

It has been written about, both sides debated and c sections no doubt have their place, they save many lives each day. But the choice in having one for no medical reason, just vanity and fear, is very controversial.

Author Stacie Lewis made international headlines with her article about mothers that were “too posh to push.” Women doing it more for the convenience factor than the safety and best interest of the baby. As a mother of two I have researched and put in countless hours of classes, reading and interviewing of Doctors and Midwives. I elected Midwives out of a hospital for my first son, and midwives out of a birth center for my second. Two different worlds. I have no first hand experience with c sections, but I do have a friend considering having and elective one so her husband, who is serving in Afghanistan, can be sure to attend. One of the better reasons for an elective surgery IMO.

So my question to you is – when is an elective c section okay? What weighs in on the decision?