Jewel Is Releasing A Book For Kids

Jewel Is Releasing A Book For Kids

Jewel is adding author to her impressive list of achievements. The Mom of one is releasing a children’s book and CD called That’s What I’d Do. It’ll be out September 18. It follows on from her two children’s albums  – there was ‘Lullaby’ in 2009 and then ‘The Merry Goes Round‘ in 2011.

The singer has told People the project has taken a while ‘I wanted to create a children’s music book for quite a long time. So when I got pregnant, it was finally a great chance to get it written and really make it something that I hoped my son would like. To me this is just a love story to your child.’ Awww

Jewel gave birth to her son Kase Townes Murray last year ‘I’m really excited for moms to get to sit down and read this to their babies because it’s really a devotion for lyrics. I hope all mothers get to feel that it’s a love letter to their kid. You can play the CD in your car or read the book at night before bedtime.’

What is Jewel’s favorite page of her new book? ‘The very, very last page of the book shows a mom leaning in really close and touching noses with her baby, it’s so sweet, it makes me tear up every time.’ It’s a gorgeous looking book with illustrations by Amy June Bates.

Lots of famous faces have written books for kids. Madonna published a series of books, so did Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls. Even Weird Al Yankovic has a children’s book. So here’s another one to add to the collection.

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