Birth Center VS Midwife In Hospital

This pregnancy I have opted for a birth center. There were many reasons behind it, the most important is the fact that my 21 month old will be there with us as a family and we go home as a family a few hours after. I practice attachment parenting, meaning I breastfeed, baby wear, co sleep and I am a WFHM so I am with my son all the time. I did not feel it would be an easy transition in bringing a new baby home AND be away from mommy while she is in the hospital.

That is just one of the reasons. There are of course many reasons, as this is a very personal decision that was weighed out over the course of a few weeks, and after much research.

Last time I went with midwives that worked out of the hospital. Though I had a birth plan and thought things would go as naturally as possible, they didn’t. There were still students, nurses and doctors involved and that made it hard.

I’ll admit, I am bit more granola than most. My friends all think I am crazy for not going with a traditional doctor and of course, opting for pain medication. All I can say is that it is a very personal decision. My husband and I put a lot of time and effort into researching our options and discussing what was best for us, me mostly, being I am the one pushing out the baby.

My due date is approaching quickly, and I am excited! I am also nervous. Things will be very different this time. So far the differences have been pretty big and I imagine for the actual birth they will be even more so.

For starters, this times around the feel is much more relaxed. My appt is the only one at that time and I get right in to talk with my midwife at the birth center. I walk in, talk with the birth assistant do my weight blood pressure etc. Then go to my midwife where she talks to me about how things are going, how I feel, my exercise, eating etc. She then listens to the baby’s heart, helps me up, gives me a hug and we schedule my next visit. I have met all three possible midwives that may attend my birth.

At the hospital midwives, it was like a typical Dr. office: check in. wait. wait. wait. wait. Sometimes over and hour. I would then go back with the nurse do the usual routine, weight, blood pressure, etc and then go into a waiting room to wait for the midwife. She would do my exam, listen to the heartbeat and I would go out to schedule with the next midwife – to be sure I got to meet all 10 before delivery.

So far I feel much more relaxed, and have trust in my body to do what it needs to do when I begin labor. I am sure the differences in this birth will be drastic, but I can’t say my first was bad. It just wasn’t as planned and as comfortable as I hope to make this one, especially for my son. From everything I have read, I have yet to see a mother say she would go back to the hospital after doing a birth center or home birth, but may switch over from hospital to birth center or home birth.

I will update you on how it all goes after delivery.

What are your experiences?