Baby Brain: It’s Real!

I cannot count the number of times I walked into the bedroom or office only to forget why I am there in the first place. I forget names, what I am talking about mid-sentence, my grocery list and you name it!

I am not too worried though, I can blame it on baby brain! It is a legit reason and it explains so much! Being I am now in the third trimester, I am even more forgetful. We can also blame it on lack of sleep because A) who sleeps well 8 months pregnant with a belly the size of a country, and B) who sleeps well when they have a 20 month old. Nuff said.

Additionally, some studies have shown that if you do an MRI on a pregnant woman in the third trimester, the brain is actually smaller, and after delivery it goes back to normal size. So ha! My brain is shrinking because I am growing a person. Don’t expect me to remember anything! I won’t be testing the theory, but I’ll take it.

Another study suggests the reasoning behind baby brain is so that the mother can solely focus on the needs of their new child, as opposed to other less important tasks. Like finding your keys…

So if you are knocked up, running around like a mad woman forgetting your purpose, don’t stress. All will be well soon enough. Until then, try to get some sleep and write things down!

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