Stretch Marks- the 411!

Dear Moms,

Please step away from the creams, lotions and other online suggestions: your stretch marks are now forever a part of you! Want another little secret? You were destined from birth to get those beauties. If your mama had ’em, you were signed up for them LONG ago! That’s right gals, our stretch marks our in our genes! So, if you’re newly pregnant, you better start talking to your mama and find out how she fared through pregnancy. Sure you can talk to your girlfriend’s who swear by their favorite topical creams but let me just remind you, it’s in the cards! I will admit that although I endured stretch marks, there are things to make them less “itchy”. I personally loved my baby oil gel. I would later up after the shower, before drying off, just to keep the skin moist. There are plenty of lotions that will tell you how they prevent stretch marks but chances are they just like your money. Now, I’m not saying that IF your mom had them then YOU WILL get them, unfortunately, your chances do increase, so save your money.

With all that said, enjoy your stretch marks. They are not ‘attractive’ to the outside eye. Your neighbor will likely not pine for them, however, be proud of them. It’s because of those marks that you’ve got beautiful children to smile at. Remember every kick, hiccup and contraction that made those stretch marks beautiful. Embrace the belly! They’re not going anywhere anytime soon so you better learn to love them!!

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