Review: Motorola Video Baby Monitor

The other day my husband and I were wracking our brains as to new baby monitors. We liked the concept of the video ones however weren’t sure if they were worth the price. My husband enjoys browsing the site called and often will wonder over to the kids woot. (If you’ve not seen the sites, check them out, they offer a “deal a day” for a reduced price on many items!) On there he found the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with Color LCD Screen (1.5 inches) for $65 bucks! (currently on amazon for $85) So I was like well.. if it sucks, then we’ll just return it or sell it! ha! I did read the reviews on amazon and it did have high reviews so I figured let’s try! So we ordered it and let’s just say I LOVE IT!

-The color screen is great during the day time and the night vision is really clear at night. I’m super impressed with it!
-The child’s end plays music
-It can be mounted onto the wall along with just sitting on a shelf or something (we have ours directly looking into the crib, I don’t think you’d get a great picture if you were trying to go over the whole room)
-The walkie talkie feature is nice (you can talk from the parent set into the child’s set)
-ABSOLUTELY NO interference, no static, NO issues with video or sound quality… AT ALL.

My ONLY Cons with it are that the battery life WITH the camera on sucks! However, you can turn the camera off and then it just serves as a normal baby monitor would.

Over all we are super happy with the monitor and I would recommend it to anyone I know! I can’t speak for the other models as I’ve not tested them and are not sure if they have the same insides as the one we have but over all it’s great!!