Rosie Pope Finds Out The Good News


Rosie Pope got the good news: It’s a girl! Her and husband Daron will have something different to complement their two boys, J.R(3 months) and Wells (9 months).

Pope, who owns her own maternity company, Rosie Pope Maternity, is now around the 5 month mark of her pregnancy. The news originally came as surprise to Pope, who experienced fertility problems during her second go-around. So far, it seems like the third time is a little more charming, especially compared to the last:

“I am also just so happy this pregnancy has gone smoothly so far,” the Bravo star tells Us. “We’ve had some difficult complications in the past, so I am thankful everyday all is going smoothly.”

“Peanut butter filled pretzels! I just can’t stop eating them!” Pope then adds jokingly about one of her favorite cravings.