Heidi Klum’s QVC Jewelry Line ‘Wildlife’ And Trip To Whole Foods

Heidi Klum's QVC Jewelry Line 'Wildlife' And Trip To Whole Foods

The all-around fabulous Heidi Klum and her cute lil’ baby nugget Lou Sulola Samuel made a quick stop at Whole Foods the other day  to pick up some last minute stuff for the big Thanksgiving feast.

I know our dear pal Heidi is a model and all, but I’m just going to say that I hope she indulged in some cheese sauce, stuffing, high-sodium gravy, or another form of saturated fat. Everyone has to let loose every once in a while, right? I hope their Thanksgiving was delicious and wonderful. [I hope all of our readers had a fantastic holiday as well!]

This past Monday, Heidi was showing of her wild side while promoting her new jewelry line, Wildlife, for QVC. She told RadarOnline that she has a good reason for why she chose to name her jewelry line this:

I feel like I have a wild life. I don’t have a boring life, it’s quite wild. Some days are wilder than other days, I feel like I have a wild and exciting life.

Wow, I think she has a wild life, huh? I wonder if she could have used the word “wild” a few more times?

She admits she came up with the name of her jewelry line while thumbing through an airplane magazine.

I was on the plane and I was coming from overseas and I was thinking about names and I couldn’t come up with anything and I was reading the form when you come into the country, fruit, wildlife and it really popped out from that page. And then I thought it is also a double word, it is like having a wild life.

We wish you success with your jewelry line, Heidi!

Image Credit to: Fame